Project Neon - Status Update, March 2021

>>>> Please checkout our previous update here if you haven't yet <<<< 


Hi everyone! 😃

We hope everyone is doing well out there while we all navigate through the last couple of months of the pandemic, hopefully🤞.

It's been a while again since our latest update, so here's another one for all of you to let you know where we are with things, and what to expect going forward.

Let there be (FM) sound 🔉

As mentioned in our previous updates, we've already spent a crazy amount of hours getting our FM/chiptune soundtrack running on actual NeoGeo hardware. This has been by far the biggest technical challenge in all of the development process of the game, and it's unfortunately still ongoing.

Luckily though, we can finally start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, with significant progress that has been made on this recently.

We're therefore delighted to announce that the driver we helped develop by sponsoring and doing all the testing on actual Neo Geo hardware, will not only be available to everyone else in the Neo Geo development community but is actually the driver being used in the new Deflemask for their upcoming Neo Geo support!

Video or it didn't happen? Here's another soundtrack preview, playing in the upcoming Deflemask release sporting the all-new Neo Geo support!

The next challenge is going to be fitting all the tracks of the amazing soundtrack @freezedream composed for Project Neon into the driver/ROM. Right now the driver is still using an uncompressed format for storing the data, which is not going to fly given the number of tracks we have to fit in. There's already a plan in place to get this addressed, right after the general work is wrapped up so that the new Deflemask can finally be released into the wild.

We'd love to thank Robert for his amazing work on developing the driver, as well as Delek and all of the Deflemask crew for all their support in making this a reality. Not just for us, but for all of the chiptune and game development community!

More updates coming soon

While most of our time has been consumed on pushing the above forward, there has also been progress on pretty much all the other parts of the game, like the boss fights and enemy patterns across the levels. We're planning to post another, dedicated update about all that (with new screenshots and a new gameplay video) in the coming weeks.

To wrap things up for this update, we'd like to thank everyone for your continued patience and support of the project. The final miles are always the hardest to make, and we wouldn't be able to do this without you.

As always, please make sure to reach out to us should you have any questions, feedback or other concerns.

Thank you,