Project Neon - AES Collectors Edition (Preorder)
Project Neon - AES Collectors Edition (Preorder)

Project Neon - AES Collectors Edition (Preorder)

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Pre-order the Collector's Edition of Project Neon for the Neo Geo AES.


  • AES version (boxed cartridge)
  • Snap box with full color insert
  • Manual
  • A digital copy of the Project Neon Soundtrack
  • Alpha version access (ROM)
  • Wallpaper for mobile and desktop
  • Limited "Project Neon" coffee cup
  • Printed accessories (instruction sheet, A3 poster, A4 marquee)
  • Limited "Project Neon" T-Shirt (Unisex)
  • Sprite sticker sheet

Updated Release date: TBC

Project Neon is a new, vertical / TATE style Shoot 'Em Up (shmup), developed for the original Neo Geo MVS / AES platform. It features a 1-2 player mode, with all the bells and whistles of a classic shoot 'em up that you would expect, spiced up with some modern and unique concepts and game mechanics.


  • Rock solid 60fps action, parallax scrolling and beautiful animated sprites 
  • Five distinctive levels and screen-filling end boss fights
  • Vibrant pixel-art graphics
  • Huge variety of enemies and weapons
  • Tight controls with dedicated focus on minimal/zero lag
  • Co-op mechanics
  • A strangely familiar antagonist

You can find even info about the game on the original Kickstarter page.

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