Project Neon - PCB Production Update (It's happening!)

📅 Pre-orders re-opening: Sunday, January 21st, 8 AM GST.
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Happy New Year everyone 🎉🥳,

we have some exciting news: after extensive research and active exchange with other studios regarding potential hardware pitfalls, we’ve finally entered the PCB design/prototyping phase!

To make sure everything is designed correctly and up to spec, we made sure to get ourselves some active help from nobody else other than legendary Furrtek 🦊 (NeoGeo SD Loader, SiliconRE), Neobitz (Knight’s Chance) and René 🎸. We don't wanna forget about those beveled edges and level translators, do we? 🤓

Based on current estimates, we expect to ship all existing pre-orders around March/April this year!

Furthermore, we’re happy to share some of the last bits we’ve been adding to the game, thanks again to some amazing hands-on help from Neobitz.

- Soft-dips (MVS) / Menu (AES) for setting numbers of ships per coin, switching between TATE/YOKO mode, and per-game demo sound setting
- Correct handling of multi-slot boards to ensure things like passing control back to MVS after the intro/attract scene ends or the player switches between games on the title screen when a coin is inserted
- Hi-score table, including saving support
- Display of available coins
- System (AES/MVS) and region (JPN, US, EUR) specific behavior, e.g. single with separate coin counter, virtual coins
- Pause support (AES only)

Last but not least, we’d like to thank the amazing Brian Hargrove ⛳️🏌️for providing us with a NeoSaveMasta Memory Card. So yeah, that’s one last thing to add support for now while we’re waiting for the prototype PCBs to arrive :)

It’s been a long time coming; thank you all for supporting & believing in us! 🙏